For all those who know and have been around Brax, you know that he brightens up any room he enters and has a fierce love for life and everyone he meets.

While he was riding in a PRCA rodeo on August 31st, his horse reared up and smashed him against the shoot compressing and twisting his spinal cord, resulting in braking his T-12 and L1 Vertebrae. He was flown to University of Utah hospital where he immediately underwent extensive surgery.

After the conclusion of the surgery, Braxten was told he is paralyzed from the waist down.

Braxten has no sensation in his bowels and lower limbs. He will be moved to the rehabilitation center to start learning how to use his wheel chair and how to function as a paraplegic.

He has a fighting spirit and is determined to follow his favorite motto: “We were born to succeed”. If anyone can beat the odds and overcome the adversities of this tragic event, it’s Brax!!!!

All proceeds from purchases made here will be directly used to benefit Brax and help him through this mountain of a struggle that he now faces. Thank you for all the love, support, kind words, thoughts, and prayers. We cannot fully express our love and appreciation.