Braxten’s Recovery Process

Braxten was able to get out of the hospital for the first time since he was admitted to the UofU hospital! We were able to go to the museum, and try the wheelchair out in public! Thanks for all the help that we had today.



September 15th

Braxten is standing!!
Physical Therapy was extra hard today, the simplest exercise of standing wears Braxten down and drops his blood pressure. The simplest steps will lead us to the biggest victory!!!












September 5, 2017
Braxten did 20 minutes of physical therapy today, and then was asked if he wanted to continue or be done for the day. And of course, with his determination and dedication he wanted to go longer. He did great, and made improvements with therapy!!

Braxt was moved today into the In Patient Rehabilitation Center where he will continue his physical therapy. They are going to keep him busy with different exercises & therapy 3-5 hours a day, and wanting him to recover/rest later in the day. They announced that visiting hours will be best at 12-1.

We are truly blessed with the best support, thank you all so much.